Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Artist Videos

Keltie Ferris space looks like a complete mess, but she is still able to produce beautiful pieces of art. She uses her surroundings to influences many different aspects of her artwork. For example, Ferris talks about her view of Manhattan from her window. There are many examples of the city in her pieces of artwork. One of these examples grew to be my favorite of her pieces because I really like how it portrays the city in an abstract way.

Chuck Close is inspired by people and meaning. What really struck me about him was he wasn't just making art to please the eye, but he was making art to remember. His space allows him to mess around and learn by doing rather than brainstorming. My favorite piece is the abstract portrait of a baby because it really resembles innocence.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Today I finished my watercolor elephant (I am going to put a picture underneath), and I began brainstorming what to do next. At first to get my creative juices flowing I did my square for the week. I got the difficult subject of paradox which I then went to google for ideas. I ended up drawing two buttons, green and yellow. The green button read "The yellow button is true." While the yellow button read "The green button is false." I then began looking through books in the art room for ideas. I found a crazy idea involving broken glass bottle pieces in order to build a sculpture of a skull. This to me seems like a very good idea, but I am still brainstorming for my next project.

Friday, December 13, 2013


This past week was spent creating my watercolor elephant. As a class we went to the MFA which was a very eye opening experience. I became aware of beautiful materials that I wouldn't think to use normally.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Today I began working. I really wanted to experiment with a new medium, so I decided to use water color. As I was brainstorming, I came up with the idea to paint a water color elephant because elephants are my favorite animals. I did some sketches and then I dove right in. Also I created a new square for the week with the theme of remix. I decided to create a record with a bunch of beads sitting on top to represent the craziness and randomness of a remix.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Creative Habit by: Twyla Tharp

When Twyla Tharp explains her idea of scratching, she is talking about searching for ideas. One main aspect of scratching that I can use in my artistic process is developing little ideas. In the reading, Ms. Tharp explains that the best creations come from little ideas rather than big ideas which really spoke to me. Usually I try to come up with an entire project as my first step rather than sitting down and figuring out two little skills to combine into a big one. Another method of scratching that Ms. Tharp explained is to experiment and generate ideas by doing. This is one aspect that I have continuously worked at and I believe it will help me throughout senior studio this year. Once I can figure out my medium, I will experiment with that medium until I am able to generate something truly creative. The final aspect of scratching that I took away from this reading is be in shape. Over the past couple years I have noticed that when I take a break from drawing and painting, I lose some of my skill. This year I will make sure that I continue to practice, even if it is not part of my specific project. Ms. Tharps warning that you should never scratch the same place twice also really stood out to me. This means that you will not gain anything new from exploring something that you have already explored. This is something I can usually get caught up on because I feel like something is going to change the second time I do it, but it never will.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Today, I made my first weekly square. The theme on the back of my square was fibers, so I thought of the idea to paste materials onto my square that to me represent fiber. I chose to use various fabrics and yarn.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Thoughts, Future Thoughts

Throughout my art experience I have always been interested in multi-media and experimenting with many different materials. This year, I plan on continuing to play around with multiple materials from clay, to paint, to charcoal, to many other things that I come across. Although I want to experiment, I also want to expand forms of art that I have excelled at in the past. I plan on expanding my drawing from observation skills, and painting skills. My goal by the end of this year is to make at least one perfect painting. I am very inspired by nature. Some of my greatest pieces of artwork are representations of landscapes and other aspects of nature. Throughout this year I will gain inspiration from going outside and looking at beautiful landscapes.