Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Austin Kleon and Kirby Ferguson

I find it very interesting that the two talk about the notion of stealing work "steal like an artist". In my own artwork I find that I use techniques and pieces of art that I have seen in the past. Usually I would get my ideas through someone who has already done something similar. I had never thought of it as an artist technique until I read Kleons blog and watched Fergusons TED talk.

Two useful pieces of advice that I took from this is

1 Don't wait until you know who you are to get started

2 write the book you want to read

I find that I think way too hard before creating and I don't allow myself to be creative by making. Kleon talks about how you are supposed to find yourself in the journey and not wait to find yourself to start. I feel that this can be very useful when trying to start a project. Another good piece of advice is to write the book you want to read. I feel like if I am creating something I am really invested in my creativity will flow a lot more.

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