Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Art

This video talked a lot about the way the artists see things. Personally I believe this is really important because I believe that art is a doorway into someones mind. One of the artists explained it as "the audience is seeing things through my eyes." I believe that when creating new art one must take whatever is in their brain and put it on whatever medium they think is best. One of the most interesting things said by one of the artists is that the art "doesn't have to be meaningful." Every time I create I try to think of a deeper meaning because that is what I always have been taught to do. I feel like things can just look good and not have any deeper meaning to them. Also I could really relate when they started talking about graffiti and explaining how youth see it best. They explained graffiti as an "outlet for creative youth," and I think that explanation is spot on. Also I really enjoyed the creative videos. One of the videos where the artist put together a bunch of random pictures and sounds was very cool and trippy. Also I loved the video of the destruction of the earth. It really did look like the earth was getting sucked in. To me it felt like the artist was trying to portray global warming,

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