Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Exhibition Formats

Marina Abromovic

This artist truly explores a new form of art by making herself the artwork. She is not just in a painting or a drawing but the end of the exhibit is literally her sitting at a table. For me this makes me ask a lot of questions such as why is this art? and why does she choose to sit there? and why a table? But after doing some research I realize why. The artist is trying to incorporate the audience into her artwork by adding another chair at the other end of the table. Audience members are encouraged to sit in the chair across from her for as long as they want. During this time she stays perfectly still. This kind of strangeness makes me very interested. The fact that this woman had the ability to sit there for hours without moving is astonishing. I think that the viewer sees this piece differently when they enter than when they leave and I think that was on purpose. When the viewer walks in they immediately become confused like I was when I first saw the photo. They get a little uncomfortable wondering if they have to sit there or not. I think that she is looking to spark those emotions and she is trying to make people accept the weirdness of it all. Once the viewer sits across from her I think they begin to understand the piece. Like after staring into her eyes has answered all of their questions.

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